Privacy policy for Fylkesatlas Vestland

This privacy policy explains how the County Governor and the County Municipality handle personal information i their open map portal.  

Fylkesatlas Vestland is an online map portal provided by the County Governor and the County Municipality. It has an editorial responsibility for the content and text that is contained in the service. Fylkesatlas contains themeatic spatial data and many of there are a part of The Public Map Base (DOK).

The County Governor is the states representative in the counties, and has a responsibility to follow up decisions, aims and guidelines from Parliament and the government. The County Governor is an important link between the councils and the central authorities. The County Governor also performs a number of other administrative tasks targeted at citizens and organisations. We check the councils (municiapalities) operations and are the appeals body for many of the municipalities decisions. The County Governor has expert knowledge over a number of aspects of society, and we hope you find the information you are looking for in out map portal. 

The County Municipality is the regional, elected administrative level in Norway. The County Municipality has an administrative role, and supplies services to the county. The County Municipality is subject to politial governance, with the County Council (fylkestinget) as the top body. The County Council is elected of the counties citizens every fourth year, with the municipailty and County Council elections. The County Municipality is central in the work of regional development in many areas, together with the municipalites, regional council (regionråd), business, and voluntary organisations. The County Council has responsiblity for the following functions: 

This privacy policy har information on how we collect and use personal information about users when you use our service. When you are logged into the service, we treat personal details in a secure way, and according to the Personal Data Act (personopplysningsloven). 

What personal data do we collect in Fylkesatlas, and why? 

Everyone who creates a user account for Fylkesatlas must agree that we can store and use your personal data. We use these to identify you when you log in, and how you use the service. We can send you email that is related to the use of the service, for example forgotten passwords and other information related to your user account. We can save and process other data you enter into the service. Data that is not connected to your user account is deemed to be owned by the Data Processor (databehandler). 

To save drawn objects and give access to roll-governed datasets you must register an email address and a password. It is optional requirement to register a name. You can also upload spatial data, add services and create bookmarks if you have a user account. The collaboration module is only available to users who are logged into the service.

It is possible to use Fylkesatlas without creating a user account, but any objects you draw will be deleted when you close the service.

We use your personal details to give access to special datasets that are not open to the public, which a user may need access to in order to carry out their work. We do not send adverts or give your personal data to other parties.

Access, complaints, deletion or changing of personal data in Fylkesatlas

If you wish to obtain access to, delete or change your personal data, you need to contact Abebe Girmay Adera or Max Koller or Tone Reinsnos Knutsen . You can also contact this address to make complaints.

It is the option for users to change a password themselves. This is found on the "Log in" pane.

We can delete a user account, your drawn objects and your bookmarks. Data entered into the User Collaboration module and "Digi themes" will not be deleted as it is shared with other users. These cases/digitised objects are most commonly work related, but if this is not the case we can make a decision on a case by case basis about deletion. The Data Processor (databehandler) is the owner of this data. 


The following cookies are used by Fylkesatlas:

Google anayltics uses the cookies _ga, _gid and _gat to collect anonymised visitor statistics. This data is deleted after 26 months.

Fylkesatlas users the cookie _lng to save which language you have chosen to use Fylkesatlas in.

The following cookies are used by Fylkesspegelen:

Google anayltics uses the cookies _ga, _gid and _gat to collect anonymised visitor statistics. This data is deleted after 26 months.

Deleting cookies

On the "Login" tab in Fylkesatlas, you can choose "About Adaptive III" and choose "Disable Analytics". This deletes the cookies that Google Analytics uses in the current web browser. If you delete all cookies in your web browser, you will need to disable Google Analytics again. 


All information that comes from your computer to Fylkesatlas is secured using https.

Rights and use of the spatial data contained in Fylkesatlas

The right to use external spatial data (thematic and background map that isnt owned by the Data Processor (databehandler) is based on membership of Norge Digitalt throught Kartverket.

All non commercial use of the service is free. Fylkesatlas and Norge Digital must be quoted as the source of and maps that are used in for example reports. We take no responsibilty for errors in datasets or missing data. The maps are not legally binding and use of the service does not replace normal case processing procedures

Information website for Fylkesatlas

We have an information website for Fylkesatlas that is hosted by The County Governor.

Information site cookies

  • ASP.NET., ASPXANONYMOUS and AsP.NET are required for the website to function. They are automatically generated when the website is loaded, and they are deleted when you close you web browser.

  • EPiDPCKEY, . EPiServerLogin, __epiXSRF and ArticleViewPort are cookies that are used if you log into the website publishing tool (EpiServer) that is used. The cookies are deleted when you close your web browser. The cookie editlanguagebranch remembers which language you have chosen when you are logged in as an EpiServer user. This is deleted after two years.

  • Google analytics uses the cookies _ga, _gid og _gat fto collect anonymised visitor statistics. These are deleted after two years, 24 hours and 1 minute respectively.

  • Some websites include elements from Facebook through the use of iFrames. Reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate og reg_fb_ref are used to track users that are not logged into Facebook, and give Facebook information about where new users come from. These cookies are deleted when you close your web browser. Datr is a security related cookie which identifies the web browser independent of user, and is deleted after two years. Fr and sb are used by Facebook so they can provide relevant advertising, and are deleted after three months and one year respectively. is only used for static content. IDE is used to keep track of advertising on the device the cookie is installed on.

  • Leseweb is a tool for machine reading of text on websites. B100Serverpoolcookie is a coolie related to the speech synthesier (reading of text on the website) and is a unique identifier that is deleted when you close the web browser. Cookies that that control the display of the control panel for leseweb and settings for speed of reading etc. are generated when the user starts leseweb. These are not deleted.

  • Cloudfare is used to override security restrictions based on the IP address the user is coming from. This is not the same as brukerID and does not include any identifiable information.

Other cookies can appear on websites which display content from other websites through iFrames etc.

You subscribe to news from our information website

The County Governor offers a news subscription service via email. To receive news from Fylkesatlas, you need to register an email address. The details that are registered by us, and are only used for email news alerts. Email addresses are not shared with others, and we delete your address when you unsubsribe. We also delete email address if we received emails back due to inactive email accounts.

The news alerts service is a part of the EpiServer system, and the service saves traffic information about the emails that are sent out for 14 days. This enables errors to be identified and to be corrected. The content of the email is not stored

Fylkesatlas on Facebook

We also have a Facebook page for Fylkesatlas that you can follow/like:

Cookies on Facebook:

Data Controller (Behandlingsansvarlig) and Data Processor (databehandler)

The Data Controller is whoever decides the aim with the data processing of personal data. The Data Processor is whoever processes the data for the Data Controller. The County Governor and The County Municipaility are both the data controller and the data processor for Fylkesatlas and Fylkesspegelen.

Contact information

If you have questions on this privacy statement for Fylkesatlas, you can contact us:


Postal address: Statsforvaltaren i Vestland, Njøsavegen 2, 6863 Leikanger